Upcoming Social Matchmaking Platform Fortuite Aims to Curb Loneliness Post COVID-19

Location Geneva, Switzerland
Date Posted April 8, 2021
Industry Sector Media & Marketing
Type Press Release
Company Fortuite
Website http://fortuite.com/


8th April, 2021
Geneva, Switzerland

A team comprising of a serial tech entrepreneur, a successful influencer as well as top tourism executives and data specialist, announced today the launch of a social matchmaking platform called Fortuite. The aim of the platform is to gradually curb loneliness among people by bringing them together in social gatherings after restrictions pertaining to COVID-19 are fully lifted. Fortuite will use Artificial Intelligence responsibly to group people with minimum friction and maximum social adhesion and offer them the opportunity to meet in comfortable, safe and tailored settings.

The ongoing pandemic has emphasized a fundamental human need for friendship, companionship, and belonging. While countries like Japan appointed a Minister of Loneliness in February 2021, post the onset of the pandemic, Britain’s then PM Theresa May had designated a Secretary of State for loneliness back in 2018. Research also shows that 20% to 40% of adults in modern countries report feeling lonely.

The COVID-19 outbreak, followed by the global lockdowns, has heightened the awareness around loneliness and its consequences, marked by increased stress, anxiety, heart disease, depression, etc.

To combat this, a platform like Fortuite aims to introduce a more human approach to matchmaking - one that can expand the scope beyond romantic partners to friendships, professional alliances, among others. In the first phase, Fortuite would allow online influencers such as those on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube to meet with their followers, when it will be permitted and more importantly, safe.

Speaking on the development, Isabelle Segarini, Executive VP and Head of Operations and Fortuite’s first employee, said, “After a year-long pandemic, we all have a basic urge to socialize in real life, now more than ever. Through Fortuite, we will ensure that we meet this need but in a controlled, organized and safe manner. Our values of trustability, security and confidentiality are crucial to us, and everything we do at Fortuite will be a testament to these core values. We want people to feel safe as they move from virtual to real, and Fortuite will help us achieve that.”

Since January, Fortuite has invested 300,000 CHF through a group of Swiss Angels and is now entering into a multi-million investment round as it anticipates fast growth once the world returns to normalcy.

“We see that hundreds of millions have been invested in companies that bring people together, especially during the COVID period, to rebuild social connectivity. We, too, have the DNA to be one of these new unicorns and explore the untapped potential in the matchmaking and social networking industry,” Isabelle added.

For more information, visit http://fortuite.com/.

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