Uniqon Protection celebrates grand opening with Prime minister Erna Solberg

Uniqon Protection
Location STORD, Norway
Date Posted May 9, 2021
Industry Sector Healthcare
Type Press Release
Company Uniqon Protection
Website https://uniqonprotection.no/?lang=en


On Friday the 23rd of April 2021 Uniqon Protection opened their factory at Stord in the west of Norway.

Uniqon Protection won a tender in august 2020 for development and production in Norway for 2,5 million respirator masks which complied to the highest demands of the Norwegian hospitals with regards to full protection and full comfort.

The festive opening ceremony was held as an online event with distinguished guests such as the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, the Hospital Procurement Company, the mayor of Stord, program leader and member of the parliament Liv Kari Eskeland and not at least the Prime minister of Norway Erna Solberg.

There was an online round tour through the factory and there were several speeches.

Some phrases of the speeches:


Hospital Procurement director Bente Hayes:

We want to praise Uniqon for seizing the opportunity to start something new and unknown. It has been a completely new product, new machines that require new factory premises with new employees. All this has required courage, great will to work and not least the ability to implement. And when the factory was to be set up with specialists from China, borders were closed. But even this, Uniqon managed to get around and still keep the pressure and progress up.”

By the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment FFI:

The goal has been to achieve a respirator filtering half mask with a unique solution to protect the user and the people around. We have had a very good collaboration with you Uniqon, tested various prototypes and functional properties to the necessary requirements and to Norwegian and European standards. Precisely to ensure a good product in terms of design and with good quality.

The masks that Uniqon Protection is now to produce are a mask that satisfies, in our opinion, the highest degree of protection by inhalation, while at the same time it must give protection by exhalation, such as protecting patients from infection by healthcare professionals.

We are also proud to have been a part of this development, we are proud of you and we are very much looking forward to following the further production development with you.

Big congratulations and good luck going forward.


By Liv Kari Eskeland:

It has been fantastic to see what you have started here, and I must say that I am very impressed and you have every good reason to be incredibly proud of the work you have done and then we can only wish you the best of luck with the job you are now going to do in the future”.


By Prime minister Erna Solberg:

The vaccination is in full swing, and we are all looking forward to more normal times.

Nevertheless, it is important that we are prepared for the coronavirus to be with us for a long time to come.

Then we must ensure that everyone who works in the health and care service has the infection control equipment they need.

You have seen a need, and you have dared to go for it.

That's good for Stord. And that's good for the country.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by the prime minister together with Liv Kari Ekseland.

In the end after a musical performance by Sandra Lindwall, a new product was launched.Uniqon Cleanbox can filter the air in a room so it is free for virus and particals in less than 15 minutes.

Below a link to watch the ceremony with Enlish subtitles


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