The Real Smoke Screen: How The Ismokay App Is Helping Users Quit Smoking Through Behavioral Changes

Location São Paulo, Brazil
Date Posted November 30, 2020
Industry Sector Healthcare
Type Press Release
Company Ismokay


From Consumption Tracking to Behavioral Queue’s, Ismokay is the only app the has a scientific proven methodology to Help Smokers Worldwide Quit Smoking For Good.

( São Paulo - Brazil )  - In the modern age, it is widely understood that smoking is unhealthy and can cause serious health complications, but the age-old question remains: what is the best way to quit? Due to scientific and technological advances over time, there are deeper insights into the habit of smoking and the physical and mental factors associated with it. Over the years there have been theories circulating over the best method to quit, but there has never been a reliable resource where smokers can seek help, motivation, and support; until now. Introducing Ismokay: the new one-of-a-kind app using behavioral change to help users quit smoking. 

This unique methodology uses specific journeys and behavioral changes, scientifically proven to create a lasting and meaningful change for those who commit to the process. Users of Ismokay will have the ability to: 

  • Implement healthy habits to counteract smoking
  • Have access to guidelines for changing habits 
  • Track their cigarette consumption, creating tables and visual representations of current and past smoking habits
  • Weekly guidance and motivation to stay on the right track 
  • Select behavioral changes specific to each user to create a realistic and attainable goal in the journey to quit smoking for good 

Through proof of concept, dedication to the methodology, and unwavering commitment to helping their users create lasting change; Ismokey’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the launch of this revolutionary mobile app set to change the face of the tobacco industry.

About Ismokay

Ismokay is a mobile app created and dedicated to smokers in all paths of life. From the conscious smoker who wants to cut back, to those who need the motivation to keep the habit away, the Ismokay methodology involves the concept of behavioral changes, scientifically proven in several studies to help cut back or quit smoking altogether. By focusing on creating healthy habits at both the physical and emotional level, users of Ismokay can shift their behavior and take the “mind over matter” concept to fruition. 




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