Lucas Thanos Receives Best Composer Award at SRFA Cannes

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Location ATHENS, Greece
Date Posted December 14, 2020
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On the 31st of October, 2020, Lucas Thanos (Λουκάς Θάνος) received the award for “Best Composer” at the Silk Road Film Awards in Cannes for his contribution to Nostos, a film, which also emerged as “Best Drama Film” on the night.

Lucas recently caught the attention of stakeholders at The Silk Road Film Festival Cannes Award, emerging as the Best Composer in the film Nostos. The Silk Road Film Awards Cannes is a competition with annual screenings open to independent filmmakers, short-form, art professionals, and feature-length works from different parts of the world. Emerging as the “Best Composer” was no small feat, considering the level of competition in the category.

Sharing his opinion, Pavlos Vissariou, director of Nostos, said: “The uniqueness of this film is that its voice is the music, only music – a universal language, that touches same way in America or Europe, Asia or Africa, a language that can reach everyone and doesn’t need a translation.”

Lucas Thanos was born in Athens but traveled around the world to acquire his knowledge of classical music composition and arts at large. He was a student and a teacher of music, dance, and theatre in various institutes and schools in New York and Los Angeles, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Rome.

His discography includes the works: Salpisma with a legend of Greek stage Nikos Xylouris, Anastrophi, Jazzburger, Metalipsis, “Timeless Moments” for Buddha Bar, “Distant Panorama” for Flying Carpet, “In Those Days”, “Ethnic Colors”, “Runaway Marathon”, “Whispers”, “Still Point”, “Time Before and Time After”, “the Fire and the Rose”.

These days, Lucas Thanos is widely regarded as a multitalented writer and director who has displayed his creativity and ingenuity as a composer and actor. Popularly known for making classical music, Lucas Thanos came into the limelight with The Flight of the Swan, composing the soundtrack for the project. He is also famous for doing the soundtrack for Retreat, God Plays Puppets, and Seraphim.

Over the years, Lucas Thanos became one of the foremost names in classical music composition with an elaborate portfolio dazzled with operas, concerts for piano, suits, films, and plays. In this long list one thing stands out – his opera Prometheus, which is a quintessence of his lifelong research in Ancient Greek Drama, together with deep knowledge in directing, composing, and orchestrating. Like Ludwig Van Beethoven and Claude Debussy from the years past, Lucas Thanos is a towering figure in present-day classical music.

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